World Diabetes Day

Diabetes is one of the most common non-communicable diseases across the world, affecting an estimated 537 million people on the planet – according to Statista. According to the World Bank, approximately 14.5% of Belize’s population is diabetic, which is alarmingly high.

What is Diabetes?

As per the International Diabetic Federation (IDF), diabetes is a disease characterized by a person’s pancreas being unable to produce insulin or when the person’s body is unable to utilize the insulin produced. Insulin is a hormone that removes sugars from the bloodstream and converts them into energy inside bodily cells. When this process does not occur, it results in an excess sugar level in the bloodstream, which can lead to adverse health conditions.

Types of Diabetes

There are seven known types of Diabetes, but there are two main types.

Type 1 Diabetes exists when the body attacks the cells that produce insulin. This is more frequent among children and teens.

Type 2 Diabetes, the more prevalent type, exists when the body produces insulin but is unable to utilize it effectively.

What Causes Diabetes?

While there is no professional consensus on the cause of Type 1 Diabetes, the most prevalent causes of Type 2 Diabetes are genetics and lifestyle choices. Families that are typically overweight or obese are more likely to develop diabetes, and doctors have found that it becomes hereditary. Poor lifestyle habits like excessive consumption of sugary food and drinks, and limited to no exercise can also contribute to a person developing diabetes.


There are several treatments for diabetes. A person might be prescribed insulin if their body produces insufficient insulin to help break down blood sugars. Others might be required to make strict dietary and lifestyle changes, pursue weight-loss procedures, and most likely be required to constantly monitor blood sugar levels.

World Diabetes Day

Observed on November 14th annually, world diabetes day seeks to generate maximum awareness of the issues surrounding diabetes and seeks to inspire individuals to adopt lifestyle choices that can decrease their likeliness of developing this disease. Across the world, diabetes is a disease that puts a significant strain on the resources of public hospitals and the living expenses of those afflicted.

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