Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is an intimate topic, gradually transitioning from a sensitive taboo conversation to one that is at the forefront. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) defines Mental Health as ‘our emotional, psychological, and mental well-being. Considering it to be influenced by the level of stress we endure, how we manage stress, and the nature of our family, friendships and relationships, among other things.

Many other things influence our mental health, and having poor mental health is known to have tremendously adverse effects on our health, productivity, relationships, and overall well-being. For those reasons, paying attention to our Mental Health is critical, and for that to be widely practised, continued education about mental health and advocacy are invaluable.

One of the global movements promoting education and mental health advocacy is World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10th each year! This year’s theme is “Make Mental Health and Well Being for Everyone a Global Priority”.

The key word in this year’s campaign slogan is “everyone”. Society is most cohesive, productive, and equitable when everyone is healthy, has access to the healthcare they need, and is in the best mental state to allow them to pursue fulfilment. With an appreciation for this, we should be encouraged to be mindful of the silent battles that others are facing. We should be thoughtful in offering a listening ear to those who are overwhelmed and be conscious of the warning signs that a person might suffer from poor mental health, with the possibility of rapid deterioration.

On a personal level, managing our stress levels, pursuing the things that bring us happiness, and factoring mental health into our insurance plans can all combine to protect us from the perilous agony associated with poor mental health.

So, this World Mental Health Day, ensure that you prioritize your Mental Health because health is wealth!