International Women’s Day

“A woman’s place is in the house… and the Senate!” International Women’s Day 2022, celebrated under the banner ‘Gender Equality today for a Sustainable tomorrow’, inspires us to reflect on the wonders of women across the globe! Women’s roles in society have transformed positively over the recent decades, expanding significantly beyond the confines of the traditional role that women had in the home. In many instances, societal and institutional glass ceilings have been shattered by women, allowing them to own their place in leadership positions and non-traditional roles. This has been especially the case for Belize!

Belize has experienced a wonderful re-imagination of the 21st Century Woman! Women in Belize hold esteemed positions including the roles of Supreme Court Chief Justice, Governor-General, House Speaker, Senate President, Government Ministers, Senators, Attorney General, and various Heads of Department roles throughout the Public Sector.

In the private sector, the transformation and upward mobility continue as well!  Here at RF&G Life and our greater Roe Group of Companies, our success would not be possible without the spectacular cadre of women who make up our Board of Directors, Leadership and Management teams, Financial Controls teams, Sales Agents, and Customer Support teams!

Through our wonder women, we have built an impeccable culture of empathetic, customer-centric mindfulness, a family-minded cluster of staff teams, and, most importantly, a warm tradition of integrity and ethics, both internally and externally.     

At RF&G Life we find it very important to empower women, especially when it comes to their financial security. Our insurance products are designed to offset many unexpected tragedies, as well as medical expenses related to childbirth, postpartum complications, and annual screenings including breast examinations and Pap smears. Financial security has been credited as being one of the most empowering assets for women’s equality and development (PNC Wealth Management, 2019). Through financial security comes independence, which further enhances a woman’s ability to seek higher education, make their own decisions, reduce the likeliness of being in abusive relationships, and allow them to provide for themselves and their family (World Bank, 2021). Together, all of those equate to a greater quality of life for women and form the core principle behind our Sales Agents’ spirited promotion of our financial products to women across Belize.

As we continue to celebrate women’s month, we encourage everyone to make meaningful decisions and take positive steps to chip away at the instances of gender inequality that prevails. As the theme says, Gender Equality today for a Sustainable tomorrow! Stronger women mean stronger homes; stronger homes mean stronger societies; and, stronger societies mean a stronger, better, more resilient world.

RF&G is committed to this; are you?