Annual Physical

Health is Wealth: Commit to Annual Physical Exams!

Prevention is better than cure! We have heard this adage all our lives, and most of us have experienced countless scenarios in which this has proven to be true. In the same spirit, getting an annual physical check-up done by a doctor is one of the best investments we can make for our overall wellness!

What is an Annual Physical? 

An Annual Physical is a yearly medical exam performed by your healthcare provider, where a wide range of tests a conducted to determine your general wellness. The doctor or nurse is likely to examine your weight, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and lungs. During your exam, the healthcare provider will also ask questions about your diet and lifestyle, which would allow them to have a greater understanding of your health status. Depending on your age and gender, your annual physical may include a breast or testicular exam.

Why are Annual Physicals Important?

Several diseases can go undetected in the absence of a physical exam. In other words, we can be living a normal life free of pain and complications even though something bad is brewing within us, compromising our health and wellness. When these diseases are allowed to quietly advance and worsen, they increase the financial burden to treat, and they amplify the level of pain, discomfort and loss of quality of life for the patient. Undetected and untreated illnesses also run the risk of becoming terminal.

Some of these diseases include cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, lung diseases and 


How to Make the Process Most Effective! 

Your healthcare provider is your friend! They truly care about your overall wellness. You must be open and honest during your Annual Physical! Overexaggerating your level of exercise or hiding your alcohol and fast-food consumption is critical information that might affect the quality of your physical exam. The report and feedback are intended to give you an expert’s view of the lifestyle choices you should continue embracing, and those that might require adjustment, so you can live a longer, healthier, happier life! 

When are Annual Physicals Necessary?

According to most medical professionals, adults aged 50 and above should ensure that they get annual physical exams done. Some suggest that adults can start as early as 40, especially if they have known medical issues. For Adults 18 to 25, it is recommended that they take physical exams at least every three years, and those between 26 and 49, at least every two years. RF&G encourages you to talk to your Insurance Advisor about our convenient insurance policies that cover your annual physicals, enabling you to be even more proactive and equipped to preserve your wellness and ultimate wealth – your health!