Total Care Health Insurance

Have you ever wondered why medical care is so expensive to access? Have you ever been admitted to the hospital and felt that you need to be re-admitted just thinking about the hospital bill? Do you, like many others, realize how important it is to have financial resources available to meet those exposures?
As you know, health insurance covers the cost of a policy holder’s medical expenses. And no need to worry, this service is offered in Belize by your favourite insurer – RF&G Life Insurance Company Limited. With this type of financial tool, the company covers 80% of your medical bills after meeting a deductible (specific rules and regulations apply to different policies). Now here is where it gets better, with RF&G Life Insurance Company Limited, our Total Care Health Insurance covers your medical expenses from the first dollar! The plan offers the categorization of Basic and Major Medical benefits, and this allows our customers to keep more dollars in their pocket as they attend to their most urgent health needs.
We are happy to advise that Total Care Health Insurance offers you the opportunity to cover your loved ones as dependents on your plan, be it spouse or children. Stop worrying about those medical bills and get your TOTAL CARE HEALTH INSURANCE today! Give us a call at (501) – 221-5143 or visit our website at to speak with one of our preferred RF&G Life Advisor.