A New Healthier You – Creating Healthy Habits in 2021!

health habits

Whenever there is a drastic change you can either take the negative approach or choose a positive approach to the situation. We want you to take the positive approach and look at the opportunity to focus on your own health and wellbeing by striving to being a “New Healthier You”!

The first step is to focus your intention. A mental state representing commitment to perform an action, on the basic habits that affect your health. Thinking about doing something is not the same as doing it. Many people think and want to do things, but they seldom act on those thoughts. So, you can focus your intension and act on the things you really want to do.

The second step is to include these healthy habits into your day doing some goal setting on these behaviors that will help you achieve the results that you desire. Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timebound. Many people get too complicated with their goals and they drop off after a few weeks. Start with baby steps and grow as you go along. These personal habits include practicing medical self-care, being physically active for 150 minutes or more each week, eating a fresh and whole food diet, drinking plenty of non-caloric drinks including water, getting enough quality sleep, managing stress with breathing exercises, building personal resiliency, and reducing or eliminating using chemicals such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

The third step is to get into a routine where you can fit these choices into your day so you can be efficient and effective with your new habits. Scheduling your habits has been proven to help people succeed with their new behaviors. Many of us already fit some of these behaviors into our day including our eating, sleeping, and drinking water.

The fourth step is to make sure you do all your yearly actions such as health, dental, and vision check-ups, assessing your health risks and getting any immunizations.

My Checklist for Health in 2021

  • Health Risk Assessment – assess your family history and health risks
  • Annual Physical Exam – preventative
  • Dental exams/cleanings
  • Annual vision Exam
  • Recommended health screenings – heart, cancer, etc.
  • Vaccinations based on age/gender
  • Be physically active on a daily basis
  • Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep
  • Manage stress and build personal resiliency
  • Eat fresh and local foods that improve health
  • Drink more water during the day and less sugary drinks
  • Practice breathing exercises and mindfulness meditations