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The prosperity of your loved ones is in your hands; insure your life today to guarantee their prosperity tomorrow.

RF&G Life insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Roe Group of Companies, one of the largest and most successful group of companies in Belize. The birth of the Roe Group of Companies was marked by the purchase of a defunct insurance agency, Horncastle (British Honduras) Ltd. from the H. Melhado Company by Mr. Gordon A. Roe in late 1963. With the help of underwriters at Lloyds of London and hard work, the agency soon built a reputation for integrity and service and took its place as one of the most important and respected insurance agencies in British Honduras.

Recognizing a need to more clearly define its purpose, in 1970, G.A. Roe & Sons Ltd. established an insurance company called Fire and General Assurance Company of Belize Ltd. Fire and General retained a part of the portfolio of business generated by the G.A. Roe & Sons Ltd. agency operation.

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  • Life Plans

    31 Mar 2016 Chief Admin Who will protect your loved ones when you have gone? Who will ensure that your children have a college education? Read More
  • Health Plans

    08 Nov 2015 Chief Admin If there is a major accident or illness, can your savings cover your medical expenses? Or will you have to Read More
  • Education Plans

    08 Nov 2015 Chief Admin Wondering how you will pay for your child’s college education? RF&G Life can help with a plan that not only Read More
  • Personal Accident

    08 Nov 2015 Chief Admin Involved in an accident? A Personal Accident Plan from RF&G Life provides coverage in the case of accidental death, loss Read More
  • Life Endowment Plans

    08 Nov 2015 Chief Admin Do you have your five-year plan in place? An RF&G Life Endowment Plan can make it a reality, giving you Read More
  • Last Expenses Plans

    08 Nov 2015 Chief Admin Put something in place for burial expenses so that you do not financially burden your grieving family (no medical questions asked). Read More
  • Annuity or Pension Plans

    08 Nov 2015 Chief Admin Are you ready for retirement? An Annuity or Pension Plan can help. It allows you to choose when you want Read More
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